12 December 2008


Mother of 13 brings new meaning to 'Army strong'

Dec 09, 2008
BY Spc. Loni Kingston

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (Army News Service, Dec. 9, 2008) -- Under normal circumstances, a Soldier graduating from Advanced Individual Training doesn't attract the attention of many people besides friends and family.

Pfc. Siobhan Healy, though, is a 39-year-old mother of 13 children.

Healy not only graduated at the top of her class Friday, the 63B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanics Course at the Ordnance Center and School's Edgewood area on Aberdeen Proving Ground -- she also scored 350 points on her physical fitness test.

"I started working out about six months before I went to basic training," she said. "I was afraid that the younger people would outrun me."...

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Anonymous said...

This story would be more interesting if they had looked at Healy's history. She is super well known on the internet twin mother boards for throwing hissy fits, insulting people, then being banned.

Read this link. Since she was already been banned from that message board twice, she had to create a few new identities. It is long and boring in the beginning but it is really really funny once Siobhan joins the thread. Her first identity is Twinmom2006 and then there's another one or two.