29 January 2010


First Afghan police graduate from Helmand training centre

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29 Jan 10

The first 138 new Afghan policemen, who have been trained by a mixture of British soldiers, MOD police and other security sector personnel at the Interim Helmand Police Training Centre located in Lashkar Gah, graduated yesterday, Thursday 28 January 2010.

Company inspection

The company of new recruits is inspected before the graduation ceremony at the Interim Helmand Police Training Centre in Lashkar Gah
[Picture: Copyright Private First Class Luke Rollins 2010]

Helmand Deputy Governor Sattar Marzakwal, Major General Ghulam Ali Wahdat, the Afghan Chief of Police in Regional Command South, and Brigadier James Cowan, the Commander of Task Force Helmand, all attended the graduation ceremony to send off the 138-strong graduating class.

Addressing the graduates, Mr Marzakwal said:

"You have the responsibility of serving the Afghan people with dignity.

"Our people face problems in this country; however, we can solve them because you can solve them. The only wish our people have is security for our country. Fortunately, we have brave and honourable forces who can bring us peace."

Brigadier Cowan reiterated Mr Marzakwal's call for provincial security and said the newly-trained policemen were the first step toward a safe, happy, and prosperous Helmand. He added:

"The task ahead is to bring security to Helmand in order to allow development and economic prosperity. In that task, a professional and effective police force is crucial....

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