28 April 2010

Now They Want Your Kidneys

I'm sure you have heard the saying that nothing is certain but death and taxes. New York now not only wants to tax us into the ground, but before they bury us they want our organs too!

NY Assemblyman Richard Brodsky has proposed "presumed consent" that would presume that people want to donate their organs. Instead of having to opt in to donate, we would have to opt out.

I can certainly empathize with those needing transplants, but requiring everyone to donate their organs by default certainly gives new meaning to the term "nanny state". They want to tell you what to do, what not to do, and tax us dry in the process, all under the presumption that they know what is best for you. They are taking our money and giving it to somebody else and now they want to take our body parts and give them to somebody else.

Here's the AP story.

No doubt they will find some way to make money off it as well, in the form of some new fees or taxes.

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Buck said...

Amazing. I understand the intent is well-meaning but the road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions... as it's so often said. This is a PERSONAL decision and not something the gub'mint should be involved in... period.