09 April 2010

Vimy Ridge Day: 'Please remember Me'

Vimy remembered


On Friday, Canada officially marks the First World War battle that many historians say was the true birth of the nation.

But on Thursday night, members of Kingston's Princess of Wales' Own Regiment once again remembered Vimy Ridge as the battle that forged their regiment.

Ninety-three years ago, the battle for Vimy Ridge began, an incredible bloody affair even by the bloody standards of that war.

On the morning of April 9, 1917, four Canadian army divisions moved out of their trenches and towards the ridge, marking the start of one of the most significant battles of the war.

It is also a battle that is credited with being the birth of Canada as a nation distinct from the British Empire of which it was once part.

About 100,000 Canadians, from battalions raised across the country but fighting together, retook Vimy Ridge, a 14-km-long escarpment controlled by the Germans.

Earlier attempts by 150,000 French and British troops had failed...


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