19 December 2010

Every Day Heroes

Remember Sgt. Galen Montcalm?

I first introduced you to Galen in October 2008 here..

A lot has happened since then for Sgt Montcalm.

He and his new bride, Brittany, are expecting a baby in May 2011. I hear they are hoping for a boy. This brand new family is about to move into a home - in Texas - that Galen had built especially.

Army Ball in Spring 2010

The new Mrs Montcalm won't initially have her Sgt hubby home to help make the new house a home. If it's Christmas, it must be deployment time again, and so it is. Galen has already done two tours in Iraq, but this time is deploying to Afghanistan, again as a combat engineer. Sgt Montcalm loves being a Solider, says it's the best job in the world.

Mum, Donna, says that this tour will be different on a personal level. Now Galen has his own wife and baby waiting for his return.

(Sgt Montcalm and mum Donna)

Donna: "Every other Christmas and he's deployed. You'd think I'd be used to it by now but you never get used to sending your kid off to war. "

For every one of our servicemen and women on the 'frontline' there is family at home. Brittany Montcalm is every bit as much a hero as she joins the ranks of the homefront heroes, along with Galen's mum.

THANK YOU Galen, Brittany and Donna for your service. You are all heroes to me, every single day.

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