15 May 2011

Every Day Hero WELCOME HOME!

SSG Butch...at his recent promotion.

This homecoming is going to be especially sweet for SSG Butch, as he arrives home to meet his baby girl. Butch is also coming to their brand new home that he hasn't even lived in yet.

Butch's wife, and brand new baby Annabelle, who was born while dad was serving the USA in the sandbox.
Brittany was amazing as Annabelle was born May 4th, weighing in at 5lbs. 8 oz..

Annabelle, who I am sure is going to be the apple of her daddy's eye. Just guessing, of course!

This video, sent to me by Donna (Butch's mom) is from Annabelle for her daddy..

I introduced then-Sgt Butch to my readers back in October 2008. Yes, he was my Every Day Hero back then, too, just as he is today. (In that post, I did a pom pom routine that I had created specially for him. I was younger then!!!~) If you missed that first post, you can go here.

It has been my privilege to follow Butch's progress, and come to know his mom, and stand with her throughout Butch's deployments. We always hear of our troops: Where do we find such Americans? Knowing Donna (and many other military families) as I now do, I don't need to ask that question. I KNOW the answer: their families raise them with the values of patriotism, service, commitment, compassion.

No matter what happens in the political arena, I maintain my optimism for America, as long as fine young people such as SSG Butch step up and volunteer to leave their families for far off lands to serve those values which ARE America.

Families: Yes, the families also serve, and I am grateful to Butch's family, especially his young wife, and his brand new baby girl.

Thank you ALL for your service.



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