06 November 2011

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Two brothers cross paths in Afghanistan

3 November 2011

Two brothers from Hull have met up while serving in Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal Lee Gorbutt, of 35 Royal Engineers is embarking on his third operational tour while younger brother Lance Corporal Shane Gorbutt has just finished his first.

The two met up as brother Shane was leaving Helmand Province, having spent the summer with his regiment 9/12th Lancers partnering the Afghan National Army on operations.

Lee works as part of the Royal Engineer Talisman group, which clears routes.

The 33-year-old, who has previously served in Bosnia and Iraq, said: "My main job is as a welder, but for this tour I will be working as a member of the Talisman route proving and clearing team. It trains you to be nosy which I enjoy!

"I have found it really interesting so far, and I'm really excited about the tour ahead."

Brothers, Shane (left) and Lee Gorbutt cross paths in AfghanistanLee served with his older brother Terry (36) for two years in the 22 Engineer Regiment but the pair never deployed together - so meeting a family member on tour is a first.

"I served with Terry and did not even go on exercise with him, so it was a bit of a laugh to end up in Afghanistan with Shane. It was definitely a surprise when we found out we were going to be here at the same time," he said.

Shane (21) followed in his brothers' footsteps and joined the Army in September 2008 and joined 9/12th Lancers.

During his tour, Shane has patrolled alongside the Afghan National Army and helped to provide protection and over watch during missions.

He said: "I have really seen the difference in the ANA capability over the six months. They have learnt a lot and you can definitely see the improvement.

"I have really enjoyed the Army so far - but I'm really looking forward to getting home now, seeing my family, my girlfriend, and having a beer!"

Another first

The tour holds another first for middle brother Lee as it is the first time he will be away from his wife, Sara, and two children, Kaylee and Kian, for Christmas.

He added: "I have been quite lucky so far, but this is going to be my first Christmas away from my family. I miss my children, but we have decided as a family we are going to have Christmas in April."

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