04 October 2013

Marine Corps Marathon 2013

Support an Army Veteran, an Army wife, and Patriot Guard Rider in her endeavor to complete the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, October 27th. She is designating all donations she receives to the Patriot Guard Riders "Help on the Homefront" program in memory of her husband, Jon Perkins.
Jon and I met in Katterbach, Germany in 1981 while both serving in the U.S. Army. After a wonderful friendship, we came to realize that we wanted to spend our life together in marriage. We took our vows on January 7, 1984 and were lovingly committed to each other for over 28 years. We enjoyed our life together and the family we raised. Our children are a testament to Jon's integrity, work ethic and compassionate spirit. We heard about the Patriot Guard Riders in Summer 2011 and immediately became part of an organization that supports our military, past and present. Our first mission was Devin Snyder; a mission that affected us so deeply. We continued to participate in missions throughout the rest of the year, and even into the winter and spring of 2012. Friday, April 6th, I registered for my first half marathon in Buffalo, NY to be run Memorial weekend 2012. On Easter Sunday morning, April 8th, Jon died of a massive heart attack. When the day finally came to bury Jon, so many Patriot Guard came and stood at his funeral. We can never fully express what having them there to honor his memory meant to us. Just thinking about it even now fills me with gratitude. Jon would have loved this mission! I did run the half marathon with my son-in-law and continued to run to help with the sometimes overwhelming grief. Last December, I decided to run the Marine Corp Marathon in honor of Jon. Because Jon and I love(d) the Patriot Guard, I want to give all proceeds that I collect to Help on the Homefront. I am thankful to God for His mercy and grace through this time of both pain and healing, and for His protection as I train. I hope that you will sponsor me in this endeavor, either by the mile (26.2) or however much you can. If you are able to come to Washington D.C. on October 27, 2013 to cheer me on, I would be honored to have you there. Blessings to each of you, Kelly A. Perkins
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